My Goals for 2022

1) 100 days of yoga

Days completed so far: 55

2) Celebrate lillördag (little Saturday)

3) Donate blood once per season

-Winter ✅


4) Volunteer somewhere new

5) Visit a new city and/or statecompleted!

Nashville, Tennessee

6) Take two more writing classes

-Creative Nonfiction II ✅

7) Read five more books on this list

8) Wear everything in my closet

9) Try a no-spend week

10) Find the best pizza in my neighborhood

11) Open my Etsy shop

12) Get published

13) Go to one movie per month

January: West Side Story

February: Redeeming Love

March: Licorice Pizza

April: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once & Father Stu

May: Downton Abbey: A New Era

14) Go to 5 museums

-The Getty ✅

15) Make a gift

16) Cook my way through a cookbook

17) The “Places I Sat this Year” photo project

You can read more about these goals and why I chose them here.