My Goals for 2023

This year, while trying to figure out my next 17 goals, I kept coming up with ideas that weren’t necessarily tangible or trackable. They were just things I wanted to improve on. At first, I set them aside, calling them “emotional goals” that I wouldn’t necessarily talk about, but then I decided to put them in the mix. To prioritize them with the rest of my goals.

So I’ve included them in here, and I’m honestly very excited.

Here are my 17 goals for 2023:


1) Learn when to pause

2) Take another UCLA writing class

3) Don’t always apologize

4) Use my library card

5) Ask hard questions

6) Take the train

7) Move slow

8) Break in my new hiking shoes

9) Use better self-talk

10) Staycation

11) Assume people like you

12) 1,000 unplugged hours

13) Say you’re welcome when people say thank you

14) Compliment strangers

15) Do the Jar Full of Joy Challenge

16) Be in more pictures

17) Monthly recaps

You can read more about these goals and why I chose them here.


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