2017 Goals Check-In

With the end of March also marking the end of the first quarter of the year, and with me having set a hefty list of goals for myself at the beginning of the year, I thought it was a good time to check-in on how I’m doing.

(You can find the original post explaining these goals here)


1) See Star Wars

Progress: None

I know, disappointing, but it should be noted that after setting this goal, the series has managed to worked its way into far more conversations than usual, which has ultimately caused the intent behind setting it in the first place (to understand inside jokes/to unlock a new level of nerd inside myself/to fit in) to backfire. “What do you mean you haven’t seen them?!?” “I’M WORKING ON IT!”


2) See 5 WLRA’s

Progress: 3/5 (60%)

If you’ve never taken the time to pull off the freeway to take an incredibly nerdy picture with a miscellaneous object deemed the “largest in the world” in its category, believe me when I tell you: you are missing out! So far this year I’ve seen the World’s Largest Paper Cup, Thermometer & Fishing Fly, and they’ve all been sufficiently worth the side trip.


Here’s a list of all the ones you can find in the US. Find one near you and nerd your heart out!


3) Try the jean rug DIY

Progress: 25%

I can’t really take credit for the progress that has been made thus far as it’s mostly just the collection of materials, and all of that has been accomplished through the generous donations of my sister. However, as of now I have about 8 pairs of old jeans in a pile on my desk, anxiously waiting to be up-cycled into the most badass rug ever. Be patient jeans! Your potential awaits!


4) Run 1,000 miles

Progress: 233.84 (23%)

As I stated in this blog post, I’ve most recently started referring to this goal as “winning the Heisman”, due to the qualities it shares with the nearly unattainable sports honor. That being said, this goal has proven to be a healthy combination of challenging, inspiring, impossible and possible, and I think it will remain a melting pot of the four throughout the year.


5) Complete The Ultimate Fit Bit Week

Progress: None

If I’m being honest, this one probably scares me the most. There’s just so much that has to go right for it to…well…go right. I really just have to go for this one. I just have to wake up one Sunday (because the FitBit week starts on Sundays) and say, “this is the week!” I better get on it soon too, while I still have plenty of weeks left for do-overs.


6) Volunteer (at least) 5 times

Progress: None

Well, technically none, though I am signed up to volunteer in the next month, and plan on signing up for another event the month after that. So I have some positive progress percentages coming my way, they’re just buffering at the moment.


7) Go to a sporting event of “every” kind (i.e. baseball, football, hockey, basketball, & soccer)

Progress: 1/5 (20%)

I have a feeling most of the progress with this particular goal will take place closer to the end of the year, because over half of the sports on the list have seasons that come to a close/move to postseason (which I can’t really afford) in the first few months. However, as of last week, I can officially check baseball off the list.


8) Try every class at the gym

Progress: None

I could probably go ahead and take the heat for this one and say that I’ve been spent most of my time running/being too lazy to go to the gym, but since there’s a small out, I’m going to take it. My gym recently sustained major water damage and all classes have been cancelled for the last month and a half.

What’s that, you say? I could go to another branch of the gym?

Well, umm, hey let’s move on, yeah?


9) Do The Princess Diaries painting

Progress: None

This one’s on you, winter. Spring & Summer: Me and my paints are coming for you!


10) Find and try the “Best of” restaurants in LA

Progress: None-ish

This one of kind of the same as #6, I’ve got all the workings for progress, I just haven’t made any yet.


11) Watch every film that has ever won Best Picture

Progress: 6/89 (6%)

YIKES! Who knew I’d have so much trouble making time to watch movies. On the one hand it’s probably for the best, because I know once I really dive into this one I might not emerge from the house for a solid few weeks and I need to go to work in order to make rent. But on the other hand, I think this goal has the potential to sneak up on me if I’m not careful. I need to write myself a prescription for couch time, pronto!


12) Learn to Longboard

Progress: None

Again, I hand most of the blame to winter, though I also need to buy a helmet…and elbow pads…and a pair of (figurative) balls. I’ll add them to the shopping list and keep you posted.


13) Learn to do a headband braid

Progress: None

I need to carve out time during the weekend to do this because there’s just no way I’m going to be able motivate myself (or convince my hands to perform fine motor skills) in the morning before work. Maybe I’ll start practicing while I’m watching all those movies I’m behind on. Braid and binge, Kim, braid and binge.


14) Reach the 100,000-mile mark on my car

Progress: 99,720 (99%)

After starting the year a 96,700 miles, my odometer currently reads 99,720! I’m almost there! I’m kind of freaking out about it! Is this what it feels like to watch your kids grow up before your eyes? Not even close? Okay, well…I’m still excited!


15) Do a bar/pub crawl

Progress: None

One does not simply crawl without a plan. One must find a crawl with an excellent path and perhaps an amusing theme. One has not found a crawl matching these qualifications. Thus, one has made no progress.


16) Sing Karaoke

Progress: Complete!


That’s right folks, I officially made my karaoke debut this year at my sister’s birthday party, here are the stats from that night:

Drinks consumed: not enough

Songs sung: 2

Number of lives changed for the better by the sound of my angelic voice: infinite


17) Complete Project Lightbulb

Progress: None-ish

Due to scheduling/financial conflicts, it appears as though the trip that coincides with this project will not be able to take place until next year, thus preventing the goal in its original form from being accomplished. However, I’m planning on shifting it a bit, so as not to punish myself over unforeseen circumstances. I figure, if we get the whole trip planned to the tee, with everything set and ready to book, if not booked for 2018, I’d call that a success in its own right.


When I calculated it out (with an embarrassing amount of nerdy math that I’m not even sure is correct), it looks like my current overall progress is 19%, which seems pretty frownable. Though, if we’re looking at the year in quarters, I’m only 6% off of where I should be, so I’ll take that as a small win!

Here’s hoping I’ll have a more exciting update for you come the end of June. And for those of you still working on your 2017 goals, I wish you all the best. Never stop starting!


  1. with only 6% to make up, factored over 3 more quarters, that’s really only 2% per quarter extra, which I think is totally doable for you!!

  2. As I see it, you are way ahead of a lot of your peers. You set goals, you are working on them, enough said. Love you!

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