Sometimes I Find Myself Thinking About Harry Styles


No, this isn’t where I take you into some weird part of my mind. Things aren’t going to get scandalous or uncomfortable. I just want to know what’s what with the guy, because like most people who know of him, I don’t know him.

When you find him in magazines or interviews, people are always asking him about his career, his clothes, his love life. They ask about things that people “need” to know. The dirt. The “awwwwwww”.

But I don’t want to know that stuff.

I want to know what book he’s reading. Did he watch Parks and Recreation? Does he appreciate a good arts and crafts station at a family Christmas party? What’s the most creative dish he’s made with miscellaneous ingredients in his pantry?

I want to know how on earth he gets up every morning knowing he’s a fantastically ordinary person, forced to accept that the world holds him to a far higher standard than themselves.  I want to know what it’s like on those mornings when he looks into the mirror and frowns, only to be shuffled off to an interview and asked about his position as a sex symbol. I want to know what it’s like to have every media accessing human being on the planet analyze how I sneeze and eat and breathe. And I want to know what it is about what he does that makes him and every other “celebrity” put up with all of this. There must be a magic to it. The type you can’t spend.

I suppose I just wonder what his humanness is like, because contrary to what people might think, I don’t think it’s all that different from the rest of ours.

I want to know the opinions he has on the world, and not just the ones he’s told to share. I want to know the things he says in their natural air, not that in which the media has stripped down and endlessly twisted. But I suppose I want to know these things about most people, “celebrity” or not, for strangers are a curious thing.

In his book Paper Towns, John Green wrote, “What a treacherous thing to believe a person is more than a person.” And while I completely agree, I think a similar crime is committed when we believe we are less of a person compared to another.

We are all human, regardless of how many people know our face or how much money fills our wallet. We are all fantastically ordinary and unique, which in turn makes individually extraordinary.

So those times I think about Harry Styles, I’m really thinking about everyone I’ve yet to meet. I’m wondering what’s what with all the brains working alongside my own in this world. And I think we should all go get burritos and talk about it.


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