Train of Thought (TOT): “Water”

I did a blog post a few weeks back talking about how we lose our train of thought on occasion. This got me thinking about the train of thought itself; about how it essentially has no sense of direction, and can take us places that we never intended to arrive at the start of a conversation. That being said, I gave myself a word to start with, and let my fingers word vomit where my brain went from there. These are the results:

(I tried to bold the words that I can only assume dictated my next path)

Water is probably one of the coolest things around; it’s good for every part of you, talk about a key element of success.

There was this game I played once where you had to create the world starting with 4 basic elements, I was freaking hooked.

Hook was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. My parents bowled in a league on Thursday nights and my siblings and I would hang in the “Playroom” and watch movies, play house and jump in the ball pit. A diaper got lost in there once.

I changed my brother’s diaper a handful of times when he was little. My mom had it covered but I liked helping out once in a while, so I could feel like an adult.

I’m going to be 25 soon!  A quarter of a century old!

Do you remember when the State Quarter series was first announced? My sister and I both got maps that had beveled coin slots that we were to fill over time as we got each state. I remember thinking 2008 (the year the final few were to be released) was a millennium away.

Y2K was fun. My family and I were up at our cabin in the mountains wearing party hats and dancing; I accidentally got pantsed and cried for a half hour in the master bedroom.

Oh gosh I have to clean my room. When was the last time I vacuumed? Is it bad that I like the sound the vacuum makes when it sucks up a bobbie pin? Man those things get everywhere. I hope I never swallow one.

You know there was a statistic I read a while back that said a woman swallows 7 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. I’m not going to say it’s why I don’t wear lipstick a lot, but I won’t say it isn’t either. What if it just stayed in your stomach? Like that watermelon seed that Chuckie Finster swallowed that he was convinced would grow a watermelon inside him. That still kind of worries me too. I hope if that happens, the Magic School Bus goes in Osmosis Jones style and they clear everything up. Would it be weird though? Having someone see your organs and everything? Would it be like someone seeing you naked? I don’t know, something about someone floating around in there with a free screening of my insides seems like some sort of privacy violation, but I won’t hold it against them if their saving me from melonizing.

Is it melon season yet? I could go for some cantaloupe right now.

Conclusion: Let us all celebrate the fact that we can have any sort of sensible conversations and let us give ourselves a break for the occasional zone out, we have a lot going on up there.


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  1. That’s why we all rarely finish a story…..suddenly an hour later you realize that you never made your feels like unfinished business!! If only had emoticons on my laptop I could have put clapping hands and crying(laughing) eyes and hearts to you for making me laugh again!

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