10 More Newsletters You Should Add to Your Inbox

A couple years ago I posted this blog about the newsletters you might want to consider adding to your inbox. And since I am a (self proclaimed) newsletter addict, I thought I’d do another round.

I am always on the hunt for a good newsletter. I love the short format, the concise information, and the often thought-provoking content.

They add some happy things to my inbox, and perhaps give me the smallest freedom to *curate* it.

So, if you’re looking for something new, here are a few suggestions:


1) Half Baked Harvest

Frequency: Depends on which emails you sign up for

I am subscribed to both her new recipe posts (which come a few times a week), and her “Nine Favorite Things” post that comes in on Sundays. Her recipes are easy to follow and the pictures she posts alongside them are GORGEOUS. I can also confirm that her food is delicious. I made these cauliflower pizzas and loved them. Her “Nine Favorite Things” post is a fun assortment of beauty, clothing, travel and podcast recommendations. I love both!

Find it here.


2) The Art of Noticing

Frequency: Every Monday

I mentioned this one is a previous favorites post, but I had to include it on this list too. It encourages you—just likes the name implies—to notice the world around you. Both the big things and the small things. I love this one and I always set aside time to read and absorb it each week.

Find it here.


3) More to That

Frequency: Sporadic

This is another one previously recommended but again, it is worth re-mentioning. This is not so much a newsletter as it is an occasional, long form blog. Each issue has a specific theme and message, along with cute and informative animations that act as visual aids. These posts always leave me thoughtful and reflective and I feel better having read them.

Find it here.


4) Book Freak

Frequency: About every other week

This newsletter chooses one self help book per issue and gives you quotes and/or advice from that particular book. I like it because it gives you a glimpse into what you will get if you choose to read that book, and it gives you access to some meaningful quotes that, alone, might leave you filled up and inspired.

Find it here.


5)  What’s in my…?

Frequency: Weekly

This one is for everyone out there (like me) who is NOSEY. Each week someone sends a list of things that they have in their purse/on their desk/in their office/in their refrigerator, etc., and I love it. I feel like people are letting me peek into their lives without feeling intrusive, and I am always up for a product recommendation or two.

Find it here.


6) A Thing or Two

Frequency: Every Monday

Speaking of product recommendations, this newsletter always has me opening up 15 internet tabs, as it’s full of everything you could imagine. There are recommendations ranging from art, home décor, podcasts, albums, plants, flowers, jewelry, clothing, anything and everything Clare and Erica (the writers) are loving that week. Big fan.

Find it here.


7) We Like L.A.

Frequency: Mondays & Thursdays

This one unfortunately only applies to my friends who live in the LA area, but that’s not to say there isn’t one out there for your city too. Each week and weekend it sends a list of activities, opportunities, etc. going on in the area, and while I don’t always have time to check everything (or, at times, anything) out, I like being in the know. I like hearing about all the fun things people are planning and doing, especially after going through two years when neither of those things were happening.

Find it here.


8) USPS Informed Delivery

Frequency: Everyday (except Sunday)

For all of my US friends, you might already know this, but I did not until a couple years ago. You can sign up to have the post office send you a digital preview of your mail each day! It doesn’t show you what is in the envelope, obviously, but it shows you the front of the envelope so you can get an idea of who it’s from and whether or not you have to make a trip to the mailbox that day. This can be especially helpful if you live in an apartment or condo and your mailbox isn’t right outside your door.

Find it here.


9) Vulture Crossword

Frequency: Every weekday

This is my most recent find and I have been loving it. I have always loved crossword puzzles and this is a super fun, relatively easy daily puzzle that is based in pop culture trivia. It’s been a fun addition to my morning routine and helps wake my brain up.

Find it here.


10) All the -rdle’s

Frequency: Daily

And finally, this one isn’t a newsletter but can act like one if you work it into your morning routine. You may or may not have heard of Wordle, the word game that asks you to guess a five letter word each day, and always sets Twitter on fire after a particularly hard one. Well, after Wordle, came a world of other “rdle’s” that tried to generate the same kind of hype. And in my case, they did. I like to do the Wordle first, then I play Quordle, which asks you to guess four five letter words simultaneously, and then I play Heardle, which asks you to guess a song based on the first 15 seconds. I usually try to do these each day, but I have also noticed that I come and go in streaks. I will do them every day for a week and then completely forget they exist for two weeks. But hey, it’s all about balance. And I like that there is an online code of sorts—you never reveal the answer (especially to the Wordle) so no one accidentally runs into a spoiler before they’ve had time to do it.

You can find Wordle here. Quordle here. And Heardle here.

Have any newsletters that you would recommend?

You can also check out my initial list of recommendations here.



  1. Thank you for the recs! I’m going to check some out and didn’t even know about quordle or heardle even though I’ve been a “wordler” for months! XO❤️

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