Have A Graph

As usual, my mind has run rampant this week with thoughts and ideas and goals and cravings for Cinnamon flavored cereal. But to keep things fresh, I’ve chosen to unload some of those thoughts and discoveries in the form of graphs. Why?

  1. Because a good chunk of me is a nerd
  2. Graphs are super fun! (Oh…you disagree? See part A)


  • I’ve been buying Cheetos from the vending machine at work lately because apparently I’ve come down with a deep seeded addiction and a seemingly never-ending supply of quarters to support it. As a result I’ve come to this disappointing discovery:



  • I also recently finished reading a book called We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist, which partially inspired my graphing fiesta, but also led me to an important personal discovery in my perception of Pie Charts.

Pie Chart


  • On Thursday I went to my brother’s lacrosse game where he scored his first goal of the season!! To celebrate we cheers-ed at our local Buffalo Wild Wings and took in highlights of the NFL draft and the NBA playoffs, which got me thinking:

Why You Should Watch Sports


  • Speaking of sports, although my LA Kings are not among those in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I’ve been keeping up with the teams battling in the postseason and cannot deny this fact:

Watching Hockey


  • As some of you may know, one of my main jobs working for my dad is picking up and delivering parts to customers. (See Waiting or In the World of Driving) The other day I was sent on a very long run (almost 4 hours in total) which—whether you’re alone or with company—can begin to take a toll on you:

Time Spent in the Car


  • This summer I have my sights set on climbing another mountain, and I’m excited/sort of dreading getting back into the intense training needed to do so. One of my favorite parts of hiking however, is the people you meet. I don’t know what it is—actually it’s probably the endorphins—but people are five times friendlier when you meet them on the trail. Maybe that’s why I feel so much more comfortable saying hello.

When to Talk to Strangers


  • The temperatures in Southern California reached the high 90’s all last week, reminding us all of our impending doom come July. And while the unrelenting heat is a fierce enemy on its own (refer to the sunburn covering 40% of my body) the coming months offer the arrival of the sun’s unforgiving mistress: humidity.



  • When summer does hit, there will be many a morning and night when you find yourself sweating in your bed, regardless of the fact that your fan is on full blast. When that happens, you might find it necessary to ditch your pants. I fully support this decision and completely empathize with the struggle of putting them back on to reenter the world. We’ll make it through this together.

When to Wear Pants


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