33 Harmless Things I Hate

Playing off the list I recently made of things that make me happy, my mind started swirling with things that do quite the opposite. It was nothing too intense or traumatic, it was just things that irk me. The things, to put it lightly, I’d just rather not come into contact with in my day to day life. For example:

  1. Spoilers (i.e movie endings, sports results, etc.)
  2. Unwarranted rudeness
  3. Hidden pickles in hamburgers
  4. Chewing noises
  5. Lack of decision making
  6. Decision making
  7. People who don’t use their blinkers
  8. People who walk slow
  9. Clothes tags
  10. Nuts in chocolate
  11. When lotion dries out and hardens
  12. Crooked or off-center picture frames
  13. Online articles that promise you lists but give long paragraphs or glitchy slideshows
  14. People who cheat-merge on the freeway (a.k.a wait way longer than they should to merge and then cut you off)
  15. Dictionary definitions that tell you nothing (for example: if you looked up “protagonist” and it told you something like “the opposite of an antagonist”)
  16. Autocorrects that make no sense (I’m looking at you “haga”)
  17. A dirty kitchen
  18. Static
  19. When socks slip off inside your shoes
  20. Being unable to think of anything else to say to someone besides a vague comment about the weather
  21. Car commercials that trick you into thinking they’re advertising something else
  22. Car commercials in general
  23. Wind
  24. The fact that it never seems to get any easier to wake up for work on time
  25. Finally mustering up the energy to go to the doctor, only to feel 100% fine when you get there
  26. Stores with too many scents
  27. My sensitive stomach that gets motion sickness from EVERYTHING
  28. People who say “you look tired.”
  29. TV episodes (especially season finales) that end with “to be continued”
  30. Getting sunburned in the ONE spot you managed to miss
  31. Tea
  32. Loose fitting shoes
  33. Inconsistency (for example: when the first edition of this post was 34 items long, but this one is only 33…smirking-face_1f60f)

7 responses to “33 Harmless Things I Hate”

  1. Thank you. I love any kind of list. Especially, if there’s a bit of humor and wit involved. I’m with you on that sock thing, those hidden pickles,slow walking people, and people who say you look tired. In my case however, they usually say, “Oh my God. What happened to your face? Were you in an accident?.” I hate that.

    1. Hahaha why can’t people just keep those comments too themselves?! I mean, maybe I WAS in an accident or may I AM exhausted, but I’m trying to live under the illusion that no one can tell and your are ruining it!

  2. #4 – hateeeeee the sound of chewing.
    #11, as I like to call them: LOTION BOOGERS.
    #16- why does iPhone think “haga” is a word?

    I agree with so many of these minus a few (I love pickles) but need to add: people who text in short spurts instead of writing one paragraph. GRRRR.

    1. Lotion boogers is a perfect name! They are so gross! The texting in short spurts doesn’t bother me too much, as long as it’s not too many in a row, but I’m definitely on #teamparagraph

  3. 3, 13, 23, 33,,,, your 3’s got me! ugh!!!

    1. Hahaha those darn 3’s! They are some rough ones!

  4. […] an admission, I have to be in trouble, and the only thing I hate more than apologizing (besides these things) is being in trouble. As much as it sucks however, saying sorry is a necessary part of life, as we […]

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