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2018 Winter Olympics Final Recap

In a tragic yet predictable turn of events, time has flown by and the Olympics are already over! It went by in the blink of an eye—which makes sense, because I got approximately that much sleep since they started. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Olympics are truly one of my favorite things, and these 2018 Winter Games were nothing short of incredible. I cheered, I danced, I yelled, I happy cried, I sappy cried, I straight up sad cried for no reason at all. And just like the conclusion of any Olympics…I’m already counting down the days until the next one! As of today, there are officially 878 days to go!  See you in Tokyo!

The Highlights & the History Makers

To name a few:

  • Lizzy Yarnold became the first woman to win two medals in skeleton, as well as the first woman from Great Britain to win back to back gold medals in any Winter Olympic sport.
  • Oleksandr Abramenko gave Ukraine their first ever medal in Aerials
  • Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and Carrie Russell debuted Jamaica’s first ever women’s bobsleigh team.
  • The US women’s hockey team won gold for the first time in 20 years
  • Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall became the first American women to ever medal in cross country skiing.
  • Hungary won gold in the men’s 5000m relay, the first Winter Olympic medal in the country’s history.
  • By winning gold in both the parallel giant slalom and the Super G, snowboarder Ester Ledecka of the Czech Republic became the first woman to ever win gold medals in two different sports.
  • John Shuster, Tyler George, Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner, and Joe Polo won the USA its first ever gold medal in curling.

 The Events

(All images belong to https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/)

Alpine Skiing


Women’s Super G

  • Gold: Ester Ledecka – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff
  • Silver: Anna Veith – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Bronze: Tina Weirather – LIE flag-for-liechtenstein_1f1f1-1f1ee

Men’s Giant Slalom

  • Gold: Marcel Hirscher – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Silver: Henrik Kristoffersen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Alexis Pinturault – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7

Women’s Downhill

  • Gold: Sofia Goggia – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9
  • Silver: Ragnhild Mowinckel – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Lindsey Vonn – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8

Men’s Slalom

  • Gold: Andre Myhrer – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Ramon Zenhaeusern – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Bronze: Michael Matt – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9

Women’s Alpine Combined

  • Gold: Michelle Gisin – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Silver: Mikaela Shiffrin – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Wendy Holdener – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed

Alpine Team Event

  • Gold: Switzerland flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Silver: Austria flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Bronze: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4




Women’s 12.5km Mass Start

  • Gold: Anastasiya Kuzmina – SVK flag-for-slovakia_1f1f8-1f1f0
  • Silver: Darya Domracheva – BLR flag-for-belarus_1f1e7-1f1fe
  • Bronze: Tiril Eckhoff – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Men’s 15km Mass Start

  • Gold: Martin Fourcade – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Silver: Simon Schempp – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Emil Hegle Svendsen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

2x6km Women + 2×7.5km Men Mixed Relay

  • Gold: France flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Silver: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Italy flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9

Women’s 4x6km Relay

  • Gold: Belarus flag-for-belarus_1f1e7-1f1fe
  • Silver: Sweden flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Bronze: France flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7

Men’s 4×7.5km Relay

  • Gold: Sweden flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea




Men’s 2-Man 

  • Gold (TIE): Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6 & Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Latvia flag-for-latvia_1f1f1-1f1fb

Women’s 2-Man

  • Gold: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: United States of America flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6

Men’s 4-Man

  • Gold: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Republic of Korea flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7


Cross Country Skiing


Men’s 15km Free

  • Gold: Dario Cologna – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Silver: Simen Hegstad Krueger – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Denis Spitsov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s 4x5km Relay

  • Gold: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Sweden flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Olympic Athletes from Russia olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Men’s 4x10km Relay

  • Gold: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Olympic Athlete from Russia olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Bronze: France flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7

Women’s Team Sprint Free

  • Gold: United States of America flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Sweden flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Men’s Team Sprint Free

  • Gold: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Olympic Athletes from Russia olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Bronze: France flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7

Men’s 50km Mass Start Classic

  • Gold: Iivo Niskanen – FIN flag-for-finland_1f1eb-1f1ee
  • Silver: Alexander Bolshunov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Bronze: Andrey Larkov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s 30km Mass Start Classic

  • Gold: Marit Bjoergen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Krista Parmakoski – FIN flag-for-finland_1f1eb-1f1ee
  • Bronze: Stina Nilsson – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea





  • Gold: United States of America flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Sweden flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Switzerland flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed


  • Gold: Sweden flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Republic of Korea flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Japan flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5


Figure Skating



  • Gold: Yuzuru Hanyu – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Silver: Shoma Uno – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Bronze: Javier Fernandez – ESP flag-for-spain_1f1ea-1f1f8

Ice Dance

  • Gold: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver:  Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Maia Shibutani & Alex Shibutani – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8


  • Gold: Alina Zagitova – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Silver: Evgenia Medvedeva – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Bronze: Kaetlyn Osmond – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6


Freestyle Skiing


Women’s Aerials

  • Gold: Hanna Huskova – BLR flag-for-belarus_1f1e7-1f1fe
  • Silver: Zhang Xin – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Bronze: Kong Fanyu – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3

Women’s Ski Slopestyle

  • Gold: Sarah Hoefflin – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Silver: Mathilde Gremaud – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Bronze: Isabel Atkin – GBR flag-for-united-kingdom_1f1ec-1f1e7

Men’s Ski Slopestyle

  • Gold: Oystein Braaten – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Nick Goepper – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6

Men’s Aerials

  • Gold: Oleksandr Abramenko – UKR flag-for-ukraine_1f1fa-1f1e6
  • Silver: Jia Zongyang – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Bronze: Ilia Burov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s Ski Halfpipe

  • Gold: Cassie Sharpe – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Marie Martinod – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Brita Sigourney – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8

Men’s Ski Cross

  • Gold: Brady Leman – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Marc Bischofberger – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Bronze: Sergey Ridzik – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Men’s Ski Halfpipe

  • Gold: David Wise – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Alex Ferreira – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Nico Porteous – NZL flag-for-new-zealand_1f1f3-1f1ff

Women’s Ski Cross

  • Gold: Kelsey Serwa – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Brittany Phelan – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Fanny Smith – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed





  • Gold: United States of America flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Finland flag-for-finland_1f1eb-1f1ee


  • Gold: Olympic Athletes of Russia olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Silver: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6


Nordic Combined


Individual Large Hill 10km

  • Gold: Johannes Rydzek – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Fabian Riessle – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Eric Frenzel – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea

Team Large Hill 4×5 km

  • Gold: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Austria flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9


Short Track


Women’s 1500m

  • Gold: Choi Minjeong – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Silver: Li Jinyu – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Bronze: Kim Boutin – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6

Men’s 1000m

  • Gold: Samuel Girard – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: John-Henry Krueger USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Seo Yira – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7

Women’s 3000m Relay

  • Gold: Republic of Korea flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Silver: Italy flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9
  • Bronze: Netherlands flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1

Men’s 500m

  • Gold: Wu Dajing – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Silver: Hwang Daeheon – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Lim Hyojun – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7

Women’s 1000m

  • Gold: Suzanne Schulting – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Kim Boutin – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Arianna Fontana – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9

Men’s 5000m Relay

  • Gold: Hungary flag-for-hungary_1f1ed-1f1fa
  • Silver: China flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Bronze: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6





  • Gold: Yun Sungbin – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Silver: Nikita Tregubov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Bronze: Dom Parsons – GBR flag-for-united-kingdom_1f1ec-1f1e7


  • Gold: Lizzy Yarnold – GBR flag-for-united-kingdom_1f1ec-1f1e7
  • Silver: Jacqueline Loelling – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Laura Deas – GBR flag-for-united-kingdom_1f1ec-1f1e7


Ski Jumping


Men’s Individual Large Hill

  • Gold: Kamil Stoch – POL flag-for-poland_1f1f5-1f1f1
  • Silver: Andreas Wellinger – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Robert Johansson – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Men’s Team

  • Gold: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Poland flag-for-poland_1f1f5-1f1f1




Women’s Big Air

  • Gold: Anna Gasser – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Silver: Jamie Anderson – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Zoi Sadowski Synnott – NZL flag-for-new-zealand_1f1f3-1f1ff

Men’s Big Air

  • Gold: Sebastien Toutant – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Kyle Mack – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Billy Morgan – GBR flag-for-united-kingdom_1f1ec-1f1e7

Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom

  • Gold: Ester Ledecka – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff
  • Silver: Selina Joerg – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Ramona Theresia Hofmeister – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea

Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom

  • Gold: Nevin Galmarini – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Silver: Lee Sangho – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Zan Kosir – SLO flag-for-slovenia_1f1f8-1f1ee


Speed Skating


Men’s 10,000m

  • Gold: Ted-Jan Bloemen – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Jorrit Bergsma – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: Nicola Tumolero – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9

Women’s 5,000m

  • Gold: Esmee Visser – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Martina Sablikova – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff
  • Bronze: Natalia Voronina – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s 500m

  • Gold: Nao Kodaira – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Silver: Lee Sang-Hawa – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Karolina Erbanova – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff

Men’s 500m

  • Gold: Havard Lorentzen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Cha Min Kyu – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Gao Tingyu – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3

Women’s Team Pursuit

  • Gold: Japan flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Silver: Netherlands flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: United States of America flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8

Men’s Team Pursuit

  • Gold: Norway flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Republic of Korea flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Netherlands flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1

Men’s 1,000m

  • Gold: Kjeld Nuis – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Havard Lorentzen – NOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Kim Tae-Yun – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7

Women’s Mass Start

  • Gold: Nana Takag – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Silver: Kim Bo-Reum – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Irene Schouten – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1

Men’s Mass Start

  • Gold: Lee Seung-Hoon – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Silver: Bart Swings – BEL flag-for-belgium_1f1e7-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Koen Verweij – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1


The Medal Count

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Norway 14 14 11 39
2 Germany 14 10 7 31
3 Canada 11 8 10 29
4 USA 9 8 6 23
5 Netherlands 8 6 6 20
6 Republic of Korea 5 8 4 17
6 OAR 2 6 9 17
7 Switzerland 5 6 4 15
7 France 5 4 6 15
8 Sweden 7 6 1 14
8 Austria 5 3 6 14
9 Japan 4 5 4 13
10 Italy 3 2 5 10
11 China 1 6 2 9
12 Czech Republic 2 2 3 7
13 Finland 1 1 4 6
14 Great Britain 1 0 4 5
15 Belarus 2 1 0 3
15 Slovakia 1 2 0 3
15 Australia 0 2 1 3
16 Poland 1 0 1 2
16 Slovenia 0 1 1 2
16 Spain 0 0 2 2
16 New Zealand 0 0 2 2
17 Hungary 1 0 0 1
17 Ukraine 1 0 0 1
17 Belgium 0 1 0 1
17 Liechtenstein 0 0 1 1
17 Kazakhstan 0 0 1 1
17 Latvia 0 0 1 1



2018 Winter Olympics (Week 1 Recap)

Today officially marks the end of the first week of the Olympics, meaning I’ve officially spent a week on the couch watching the Olympics. Aside from a few butt cramps, I’m not complaining. The Olympics are one of my favorite things in the whole world and when they are on, I never want to miss a minute!

That being said, I know there are a number of people out there who 1) don’t have time to watch them, 2) don’t have the means to watch them or 3) don’t really care all that much. While I can’t really help you #3’s out there, fear not, #1’s and #2’s, I’m here to break it down for you. The way I see it, this is a win win because you get the info you’re looking for and I just get to talk about the Olympics, which I never get tired of doing. So let’s dive on in. Here’s what’s happened so far:

The Highlights & the History Makers

To name a few:

  • This is the first winter games for South Korea
  • Six countries: Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Singapore, and Nigeria are making their winter Olympics debut
  • Mirai Nagasu became the first US woman to land a triple axle at the Olympics
  • Chloe Kim became the youngest female to ever win an Olympic snowboarding medal
  • Adam Rippon & Gus Kenworthy are the first openly gay winter Olympians
  • After crashing and breaking one of his poles at the start of the men’s 30km skiathlon, Norwegian cross-country skier Simen Hegstad Krueger came all the way back and won gold
  • After failing to medal in Sochi and then facing a brutal injury at the end of last year, Shaun White won gold in the snowboarding halfpipe, making him the first snowboarder in history to win three gold medals.
  • Chris Mazdzer became the first American to medal in luge since 1964
  • Sven Kramer of the Netherlands won gold in the men’s 5000m, making him the first male to win 8 gold medals in speed skating
  • Russian pairs skaters Aliona Savchenko (skating in her 5th Olympics!!) and Bruno Massot earned the highest score ever recorded in pairs free skate to win the gold medal


 The Events

(All images belong to https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/)

Alpine Skiing


Men’s Alpine Combined Slalom

  • Gold: Marcel Hirscher – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Silver: Alexis Pinturault – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Victor Muffat-Jeandet – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7

Men’s Downhill

  • Gold: Askel Lund Svindal – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Kjetil Jansrud – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Beat Feuz – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed

Women’s Giant Slalom

  • Gold: Mikaela Shiffrin – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Ragnhild Mowinckel – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Federica Brignone – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9

Men’s Super G

  • Gold: Matthias Mayer – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Silver: Beat Feuz – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Bronze: Kjetil Jansrud – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Women’s Slalom

  • Gold: Frida Hansdotter – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Wendy Holdener – SUI flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Bronze: Katharina Gallhuber – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9




Women’s 7.5km Sprint

  • Gold: Laura Dahlmeier – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Marte Olsbu – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Veronika Vitkova – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff

Men’s 10km Sprint

  • Gold: Arnd Peiffer – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Michal Krcmar – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff
  • Bronze: Dominik Windisch – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9

Women’s 10km pursuit

  • Gold: Laura Dahlmeier – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Anastasiya Kuzmina – SVK flag-for-slovakia_1f1f8-1f1f0
  • Bronze: Anais Bescond – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7

Men’s 12.5km pursuit

  • Gold: Martin Fourcade – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Silver: Sebastian Samuelsson – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Benedikt Doll – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea

Women’s 15km Individual

  • Gold: Hanna Oeberg – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Anastasiya Kuzmina – SVK flag-for-slovakia_1f1f8-1f1f0
  • Bronze: Laura Dahlmeier – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea

Men’s 20km Individual

  • Gold: Johannes Thingnes Boe – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Jakov Fak – SLO flag-for-slovenia_1f1f8-1f1ee
  • Bronze: Dominik Landertinger – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9


Cross Country Skiing


Women’s 15km Skiathlon

  • Gold: Charlotte Kalla – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Marit Bjoergen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Kristia Parmakoski – FIN flag-for-finland_1f1eb-1f1ee

Men’s 30km Skiathlon

  • Gold: Simen Hegstad Krueger – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Martin Johnsrud Sundby – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Hans Christer Holund – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Men’s Individual Sprint

  • Gold: Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Federico Pellegrino – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9
  • Bronze: Alexander Bolshunov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s Individual Sprint

  • Gold: Stina Nilsson – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Silver: Maiken Caspersen Falla – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Yulia Belorukova – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s 10km Free

  • Gold: Ragnhild Haga – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Charlotte Kalla – SWE flag-for-sweden_1f1f8-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Krista Parmakoski – FIN flag-for-finland_1f1eb-1f1ee  & Marit Bjoergen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4




Mixed Doubles

  • Gold: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Switzerland flag-for-switzerland_1f1e8-1f1ed
  • Bronze: Olympic Athletes of Russia olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef


Figure Skating


Team Event

  • Gold: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Olympic Athletes of Russia olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef
  • Bronze: United States of America flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8


  • Gold: Aljiona Savchenko & Bruno Massot – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Wenjing Sui & Cong Han – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Bronze: Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6


Freestyle Skiing


Women’s Moguls

  • Gold: Perrine Laffont – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Silver: Justine Dufour-Lapointe – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Yulia Galysheva – KAZ flag-for-kazakhstan_1f1f0-1f1ff

Men’s Moguls

  • Gold: Mikael Kingsbury – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Matt Graham – AUS flag-for-australia_1f1e6-1f1fa
  • Bronze: Daichi Hara – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5




Men’s Singles

  • Gold: David Gleirscher – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Silver: Chris Mazdzer – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Bronze: Johannes Ludwig – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea

Women’s Singles

  • Gold: Natalie Geisenberger – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Dajana Eitberger – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Alex Gough – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6


  • Gold: Tobias Wendl & Tobias Arlt – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Peter Penz & Georg Fischler – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9
  • Bronze: Toni Eggert & Sasha Benecken – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea

Team Relay

  • Gold: Germany flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Canada flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Austria flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9


Nordic Combined


Normal Hill 10km

  • Gold: Eric Frenzel – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Akito Watabe – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Bronze: Lukas Klapfer – AUT flag-for-austria_1f1e6-1f1f9


Short Track


Men’s 1500m

  • Gold: Lim Hyojun – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7
  • Silver: Sjinkie Knegt – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: Semen Elistratov – OAR olympic-rings_25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef-200d-25ef

Women’s 500m

  • Gold: Arianna Fontana – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9
  • Silver: Yara Van Kerkhof – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: Kim Boutin – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6


Ski Jumping


Men’s Individual Normal Hill

  • Gold: Andreas Wellinger – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Silver: Johann Andre Forfang – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Bronze: Robert Johansson – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Women’s Normal Hill

  • Gold: Maren Lundby – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4
  • Silver: Katharina Althaus – GER flag-for-germany_1f1e9-1f1ea
  • Bronze: Sara Takanashi – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5




Men’s Slopestyle

  • Gold: Red Girard -USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Max Parrot – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Mark McMorris – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6

Women’s Slopestyle

  • Gold: Jamie Anderson -USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Laurie Blouin – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Enni Rukajarvi – FIN flag-for-finland_1f1eb-1f1ee

Women’s Halfpipe

  • Gold: Chloe Kim – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Liu Jiayu – CHN flag-for-china_1f1e8-1f1f3
  • Bronze: Arielle Gold – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8

Men’s Halfpipe

  • Gold: Shaun White – USA flag-for-united-states_1f1fa-1f1f8
  • Silver: Ayumu Hirano – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Bronze: Scotty James – AUS flag-for-australia_1f1e6-1f1fa

Men’s Snowboard Cross

  • Gold: Pierre Vaultier – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Silver: Jarryd Hughes – AUS flag-for-australia_1f1e6-1f1fa
  • Bronze: Regino Hernandez – ESP flag-for-spain_1f1ea-1f1f8

Women’s Snowboard Cross

  • Gold: Michela Moioli – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9
  • Silver: Julia Pereira Sousa Mabileau – FRA flag-for-france_1f1eb-1f1f7
  • Bronze: Eva Samkova – CZE flag-for-czech-republic_1f1e8-1f1ff


Speed Skating


Women’s 3000m

  • Gold: Carlijn Achtereekte – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Ireen Wust – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: Antoinetter De Jong – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1

Men’s 5000m

  • Gold: Sven Kramer – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Ted-Jan Bloemen – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Bronze: Sverre Lunde Pedersen – NOR flag-for-norway_1f1f3-1f1f4

Women’s 1500m

  • Gold: Ireen Wust – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Miho Takagi – JPN flag-for-japan_1f1ef-1f1f5
  • Bronze: Marrit Leenstra – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1

Women’s 1000m

  • Gold: Kjeld Nuis – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Silver: Patrick Roest – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: Kim Min Seok – KOR flag-for-south-korea_1f1f0-1f1f7

Men’s 1000m

  • Gold: Ted-Jan Bloemen – CAN flag-for-canada_1f1e8-1f1e6
  • Silver: Jorrit Bergsma – NED flag-for-netherlands_1f1f3-1f1f1
  • Bronze: Nicola Tumolero – ITA flag-for-italy_1f1ee-1f1f9

The Medal Count

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Germany 9 2 4 15
2 Norway 6 7 5 18
3 Netherlands  5 5 2 12
4 United States 5 1 2 8
5 Canada  4 5 4 13
6 Sweden 4 2 0 6
7 France 3 2 2 7
8 Austria 3 1 4 8
9 Italy  2 1 3 6
10 Republic of Korea  2 0 1 3
11 Japan 0 4 3 7
12 Switzerland 0 3 1 4
13 OAR 0 2 4 6
14 Australia 0 2 1 3
15 China 0 2 0 2
15 Slovakia 0 2 0 2
17 Czech Republic 0 1 2 3
18 Slovenia 0 1 0 1
19 Finland 0 0 3 3
20 Spain 0 0 1 1
20 Great Britain 0 0 1 1
20 Kazakhstan 0 0 1 1


In all honesty, I’m really only scratching the surface here. The numbers and names do little to capture the stories behind them. Congratulations to everyone whose hard work earned them the opportunity to represent their country this year, and a special congratulations to those going home with a medal! There have already been so many great moments in the Olympics and I look forward to seeing many more over the next week and a half! If you need me I’ll be on the couch with a remote in my hand, cheering for Team USA!

2018 Olympics Time Capsule Blog

As I have mentioned before (possibly more times than I’ve realized), I love the Olympics.


So much so that once every two years I repeatedly say, “no, I can’t hang out today—or any day for the next two weeks—because I’m inside watching every single minute of Olympic coverage I can absorb.” (Undoubtedly while wearing something patriotic and tossing around the idea of body paint.) So when I realized that the 2018 Olympics are now only about 200 days away—which is considered close in my die-hard fan book—you can imagine I was more than a little excited.

As I was writing this blog post, I was constantly looking up how many hours, minutes, and seconds were left until Opening Ceremonies, and nerded out each time another minute ticked off the clock. I could picture myself there, flashing forward through all these upcoming days, to being on my couch, wearing my favorite USA hat, cheering for my fellow countrymen.

I. was. ready.

But then I started thinking.

You see, I have this thing about time. And I say thing because I’ve never really figured out another way to describe it. I just seem to notice how fast it moves. You know how parents always say, “it’ll be here before you know it?” I think about that all. the. time. Both for things I’m looking forward to, and for things I can’t wait to be over.

Just think, I’ll tell myself, before you know it, you’ll be in a different moment, passed this one, and you’ll wonder where all the time went.

And it’s always true.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’ve learned to respect time.

What does this have to do with the Olympics? Well, I figured since they are so close, yet so far, yet going to be here in a blink, I thought I’d show you just how fast time moves, in quite arguably the best way possible: A time capsule…blog! A blog time capsule! A time blog-sule! Whatever a cool word for it could be!

How will we do this, you ask? We can’t really bury a blog and then dig it up later. Are we actually going to time travel? Is this the part where Doc comes out and we all get to wear puffy red vests and Nike sneakers and defy science?


Unfortunately, no. BUT, we are going to talk to our future selves, using the super cool *internet machine.*

You see, there is this website called FutureMe.Org, which I found a while back when I was preparing to study abroad in Australia. It allows you to write a letter to your future self, available to be received on any day you choose. Before my semester in Australia, I asked my future self questions about the trip, made predictions on how I was feeling afterwards, and told myself a really terrible joke that still made me laugh 5 months later. Cool, right?

*assumes everyone nods in amazement*

Okay, so, this is how our time blog-sule will work:

  1. Go to FutureMe.org
  2. Fill in your email address & put “2018 Olympics Time Blog-sule!” (because we don’t shy away from cheese here) as the subject line.
  3. Copy and paste the questions below into “Your Letter”
    1. What day is it?
    2. What’s the weather like outside?
    3. What did you do today?
    4. What’s your favorite song right now?
    5. What’s the most recent movie you’ve seen?
    6. Who did you last text and what did you say?
    7. What is your biggest goal right now?
    8. What are you most excited about?
    9. What are you most worried about?
    10. Tell yourself a really bad joke.
  4. Answer each question
  5. Set your “Deliver on” date to February 8th, 2018 (that’s the day before Opening Ceremonies)
  6. Click “Send to the Future!”

Note: It will ask you to verify your email before it “officially” sends, so after you click “Send to the Future!” go to your email and click the verification link to make sure your letter officially enters the internet machine!

Note #2: After you click that link, it will take you to a page that tries to get you to donate money. You do not have to donate money. If you want to, you can, I’m sure the lovely people at FutureMe would appreciate your generosity, but otherwise just click strategically tiny “no thanks” link right below the payment options. 

I sent in my blog-sule yesterday and honestly CANNOT wait. I am such a nerd for this kind of stuff. Just think of all the things that are going to happen that we don’t know yet! Won’t it be weird to look back knowing there was a time before they happened?

*pauses writing blog post to have a 15 minute mind blown zone out session*

Once I get my email (in the future!) I’ll write a reaction post, and hopefully get to hear about some of yours, and then we can all collectively exclamation point about how fast everything went and how everything is the same and different at the same time and oh my gosh is it the future yet?


Check out the results of the this time capsule here

The Olympics & the Human Spirit

Even with the Olympics almost a week gone, I’m still finding it difficult to adjust to life without them.

For 17 straight days my family had recorded and watched as much Olympic coverage as we possibly could and somehow it still feels like we should have watched more.

Nothing really beats the Olympics for me. What could be better than a front row seat to peoples’ dreams coming true? What television show or movie premiere could outdo the moment when a lifetime’s worth of hard work pays off? What song could possibly outsing a country’s national anthem declaring the honor being brought back home?

But while the quest for success and glory can be easily found in the eyes of an Olympian, and it is a commanding force in why we are drawn to watch them seek it, I try to stay focused on the true lesson every athlete teaches us, regardless of whether they walk away with a medal or not. For at the heart of every Olympian, underneath all of the smiles and frustration and muscles and bruises, is the simple and unbounded will to try.

In the minutes leading up to Opening Ceremonies, an NBC segment on the hosting country stated that throughout the 2016 Olympic Games “celebration [would] seek to prevail. Celebration of the brilliance, the magnificence, and the miracle of the human spirit.” Upon my initial listen to these words, it was easy to relate them to the physical aspects that would be on display. The athletes coming to Rio had put their bodies through more than many of us could ever imagine and I was ready to watch as they used them as vessels to make history. But as the days went on and I watched event after event, qualifier after qualifier after semifinal after final after medal ceremony, I realized there is always so much more to the brilliance of the Olympic Games than the achievements made in physical fitness.

During a qualifying race for the Women’s 5000m, American Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealander Nikki Hamblin collided and fell on the track. Once D’Agostino was back up, she noticed Hamblin was still on the ground, but instead of continuing she made efforts to help her up, telling her that no matter what, they had to finish. As the two of them started to run again however, it became clear to D’Agostino that she herself had suffered serious injuries to her leg—later to be diagnosed as a complete tear of her right ACL, a meniscus tear, and a strained MCL—and it became difficult for her to continue. Hamblin reached for her, touching D’Agostino’s shoulder with an encouraging, reciprocating kindness, but D’Agostino wavered and eventually sat back down shaking her head. Hamblin reached for her again, still waiting, still offering to help D’Agostino do exactly what she said needed to be done when she first offered Hamblin her hands. But as the severity of her injury set in, D’Agostino told Hamblin to go on without her.

As I watched Hamblin began to run again, it became clear to me that I didn’t care whether or not D’Agostino finished the race. For me, she’d already won, as she allowed us the privilege of witnessing what the Opening Ceremonies perfectly described as the miracle of the human spirit.

The way I saw it, when Abbey D’Agostino stepped onto the track that day, she was an Olympian. She’d put in the work, the time, the sacrifice, and she’d finally reached a platform worthy of all that. I’m sure she’d dreamed about that race. About how it would start, how she would feel, where she would finish. She probably pictured herself winning and losing a thousand times over. And though she met all the physical qualifications of an Olympian, had all of the magnificence and brilliance needed to get her across that finish line, it was her spirit that would make her a hero. Not only in her ability to put aside the podium and the hardware to help someone who, at the base of their Olympic existence, was just another human being who needed help, but for her ability to keep trying. For after her knee had given out and she told Hamblin to continue on without her, D’Agostino was left sitting on the track alone and barely able to walk. But in the true spirit of the Olympics, and in an epic celebration of every wonder associated with the brilliance and magnificence present at each and every Games, Abbey D’Agostino got up and finished.

It is stories like these that keep me coming back every two years to tune in and witness the magic that is the Olympic Games. For it is always a place where differences are put aside, people are seen as people and respect is the native language.

So as I let this chapter of Olympic history come to a close, I try not to look too far ahead at the next one, as I want to take a second to really appreciate what I’ve learned here and how I can let it guide me forward. That way, when I’m sitting in front of my TV two years from now, ready for more magic, more history, more wonder, I can look back and celebrate all the brilliance and magnificence that I found in my own life between Games. I can celebrate all the steps I took and sacrifices I made to make my own dreams come true. And I can know that like the Olympians I’ll see walking in to Opening Ceremonies wearing their country’s colors, I did everything I could to get where I wanted to be. That no matter what obstacles I faced or how many times I fell, I kept on trying.