good things that happened in june

30 Good Things that Happened in June

Hello and welcome back to another edition of All the Good Things. It’s been a couple months, but we’re back!

Let’s dive right in.


1) Days after getting married, this woman donated a kidney to her new husband’s ex-wife

2) This boy got an incredible souvenir:

3) This 94 year old woman received her high school diploma.

4) This duo had a jam session:

5) This 7 year old boy swam to shore to save his father and sister.

6) This:

7) Born with no arms, this archer is aiming for gold at the Paralympics.

8) This fun article pointed out words that are their own opposites.

9) This two year old became the youngest member of Mensa.

10) This bench is helping tackle depression.

11) Demetri Martin rethought the term OK:

12) This girl honored her parents in her graduation photo shoot.

13) These boys made a woman’s day.

14) Scientists claimed this straw is an instant cure for hiccups.

15) After having the tractor he rebuilt with his dad stolen, the Tempe police helped this boy get a new one:

16) This dog was named Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show.

17) This boy tried to sell his Pokémon cards to help pay his dog’s vet bills, but when people heard, they jumped in to help.

18) This woman found her long lost dog at a shelter.

19) This boy served as his speech therapist’s best man at her wedding.

20) This:

21) This reporter found the missing child he was sent to cover the disappearance of.

22) This photographer unexpectedly captured a couple’s proposal and then found them on Twitter.

23) This boat captain found a message in a bottle from the 1920’s and then returned it to the author’s daughter.

24) The world’s most premature baby celebrated his first birthday.

25) Jimmy Fallon & Lin Manuel Miranda celebrated the return of Broadway:

26) This girl got to meet her favorite baseball player: Joey Votto.

27) This Harvard-Bound senior gave her $40,000 scholarship to someone else.

28) In preparation for the Olympics, this article detailed events that no longer exist.

29) This girl set the new Guinness World Record for folding 1000 paper cranes.

30) And finally, this baby had a good dream about his mama:


Wanna know the best part? There is SO much I didn’t include.

I can’t wait to see what July brings!

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30 Good Things that Happened in June (2017)

I have good news and good news. I have only good news!

As mentioned in this blog post, at the end of every month I’m going to highlight all the good things that happened in that 30-day (or so) span, to give ourselves a break from the well known bad.

You can find last month’s here.

Happy June to you!


1) The One Love Manchester concert donated all of its proceeds to the victims of the Manchester attack.



2) This guy found out he was having a son.


3) Wonder Woman was released!




4) National Donut Day



5) Jennie Finch surprised this softball player with the Gatorade player of the year award.


6) This girl proved you should never give up on your dreams.


7) This dentist remixed Despacito.


8) Florence & the Machine gave the performance of a lifetime.


9) Ben Platt gave this inspirational speech at the Tony’s.



10) Pride!



11) This group of friends ordered at a drive thru with a song.


12) This couple figured out a creative way to track (and share) the growth of their baby.


13) Gal Gadot’s husband marveled at the fact that he is married to Wonder Woman.



14) Father’s Day


15) This dad biked over 1,000 miles to hear his daughter’s heartbeat.


16) This bride helped plan a surprise proposal for her best friend at her wedding.



17) This woman disguised her hospitalized grandmother’s dog as a baby so she could sneak it in for a visit.


18) This little girl mistook a bride for an actual princess.



19) This guy served as “flower man” at his cousin’s wedding.


20) Gina Rodriguez started the #iCanChallenge to inspire both herself and others to challenge themselves.


21) Artist @MightyMooseArt created this important piece.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 9.22.00 PM


22) This couple celebrated their anniversary in the best way ever.


23) This nana showed off her flowers.


24) Sophia Bush made this great comment about body confidence.

Sunglass Hut's Made For Summer Event Featuring Sophia Bush

“Even people who you think have perfect bodies are insecure about their bodies. We’re all in this together. If you want to have a bikini body, put on a bikini and boom! You have a bikini body! We need to let ourselves up off the mat a little bit. All bodies are beautiful. We’re all good.”


25) Taylor James gave the speech of the year.


26) After walking 3 miles to and from work every day, this man got the surprise of a lifetime.



27) Shania Twain released her first song in 15 years.


28) This dog snagged the best seat in the house.


29) The Harry Potter series turned 20.


30) A nonprofit showed this boy his true identity: a hero.



Wanna know the best part? There is SO much I didn’t include.

I can’t wait to see what July brings!