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5 (More) Easy Ways to Save the World

A few months ago for Earth Day, I posted this blog that listed 5 ways we could all lend a hand in the rescue of our damsel in distress planet. Today, I come to you with 5 more! Let’s dive right in!


1) Say no to straws


Straws are one of the most wasteful plastics out there. If you think about it, you use a straw for about 10-15 minutes (or 5 minutes, if you’re like me and have a binge-sipping problem) and then you throw it away, never to be used again. According to about 500 million straws are used EVERY DAY which is enough to fill 127 school buses EVERY DAY. Those straws then end up in a landfill and eventually the ocean where they break down into particles marine life mistake as food. Good news is, we are—as were generations upon generations before us—completely and totally capable of enjoying our beverages sans straw. OR if you prefer to live the straw life, there are tons of reusable straws out there calling your name (like these ones!)


2) Use a cloth makeup remover


One of my favorite parts of the day is getting home from work and wiping my makeup off—and taking my pants off, but that’s beside the point—and for a long time I used both big name and knock-off brands of makeup wipes to accomplish this afternoon feat. However, I recently started using a reusable cloth makeup remover (which I got for super cheap on Amazon) and it has worked better than anything else I’ve ever bought before. PLUS, as an added bonus, it creates no trash, it only uses water so it can never dry out, and it can be washed with a load of towels to start anew every couple weeks! I think this is what you call a win win win.


3) Recycle


I know, this one seems obvious. How long have we been told to recycle? And yet, how long have we not been recycling to our fullest potential?! Recently I came to the end of a bottle of face wash and out of habit, I chucked it in the trash, then opened the new bottle I bought at the store. I’d just got back from my trip to Hawaii where I learned a lot about new and easy lifestyle changes that benefit the environment, so after a few minutes, I reached down and pulled the bottle out of the trash, turned it over and found the familiar black-universal-recycling-symbol_267b symbol. An immediate pit formed in my stomach. I’d been throwing away these bottles for years! This got me thinking, how many other things have I not been recycling correctly? So, next time you’re getting ready to throw something away, double check the label. If you find this guy: black-universal-recycling-symbol_267b, throw it in with the recycling.


4) Shop & Upcycle

Another thing I was shocked to recently find out is that the fashion industry is one of the most wasteful in the world. An article published on stated that in 2015 it was the second dirtiest industry in the world, outmatched only by big oil. Can you imagine?! But while suppliers in the fashion industry are taking a variety of steps to reduce their carbon footprint, we can help right now, by both shopping at our local donation houses such as Goodwill or Salvation Army and/or upcycling old clothes into something new.

diy rug with upcycled old denim ohohblog 17 (1)

One of my goals for 2017 is to make this DIY rug with old jeans, which is just one of thousands of other projects floating around Pinterest and the like. So even though it is an amazing thing to donate clothes and I am in no way saying to stop, it is also the sad truth that thousands of pounds of old clothes are ending up in landfills. All I’m saying is it can’t hurt to do some research, or to spend a few hours perusing Pinterest, or to stop by your local donation house as a customer once in a while. There are always some great finds to be found.


5) Pick up trash


One of my favorite things about my cousin a.k.a the female Indiana Jones a.k.a the leader of our weeklong adventure in Hawaii, Alison, is that she practices what she preaches. Being an environmentalist who has literally swam through trash to showcase the malpractice of human waste, you’d think that she must take extra care in, well, taking care of the earth in her own day to day life, and I’m happy to report she does! In the week I spent with her in Hawaii I saw her collect trash off the beach and put it in her backpack and I sat buckled in the back seat as she pulled the car over to collect cans rolling down the side of the road. At first I was a little shocked, thinking, woah, she’s really putting in some extra work here. But then I started to realize that while yes, it might have taken a couple extra seconds out of her day, it wasn’t actually hard. And if we all lent a few extra seconds each day to get some trash to a trashcan or recycling bin, our world could be a much prettier and cleaner place.

10 Ways to Save the Earth (feat. Frozen Yogurt)

Hey fellow Humans,

I’m here today to talk about our collective Madre:  Earth.

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, on which we pay tribute to the big blue marble we call home. This may be a day when you do fun crafts in school or receive alarming threats from a passionate environmentalist outside a grocery store. It’s a day to breathe in the fresh air and say, “Hey planet, thanks for existing. PS- I promise I’ll do better at recycling.”

That being said I really do believe that it is in our power to help make the earth cleaner, better, and less likely to catch fire before the next Super Bowl. So, I’ve come up with 10 ideas as to how we can do that:

1) Attach two oxygen atoms to your feet the next time you go running, that way your carbon footprint becomes fresh air for trees. (Get it?! Carbon footprint + 2 oxygen atoms….carbon dioxide….I’ll see myself out.)

2) Stretch after you finish your lunch, that way you can carry your trash all the way over to the garbage can.

3) Turn off all the lights in your house immediately after the sun goes down and change into your night vision goggles. This will save electricity and make every evening task more exciting.

4) Arrange for you and your friends to carpool to get frozen yogurt. This will reduce fuel emission, and increase the satisfaction of your soul.

5) Turn down the water heater of everyone who has ever wronged you and leave a note that says, “Pass it on”. This will conserve energy and promote kindness among all those who looking to take non body numbing showers.

6) Add googly eyes to your blue recycling bin to make it look like Cookie Monster. This will not only be hilarious but will also encourage all children, teenagers, and adults under the influence of any amount of alcohol to recycle again and again.


(image source: College Humor)

7) Install solar panels on your alarm clock and leave it in a dark corner of your room. This will use absolutely zero energy and require you to never wake up for work.

8) Visit your nearest farmer’s market to buy local produce. This will reduce your carbon footprint and up your chances of meeting a hot farmer that you can carpool with to buy more frozen yogurt.

9) Try composting and don’t be too ashamed if it totally grosses you out. Simply tell everyone that you tried it once and it didn’t work out, but you found 9 other ways great ways to save the environment from this incredible blog post you read.

10) Eat less meat. This surprisingly saves a wide variety of different resources and can also give you an out from the mystery meat your grandma asked you to pick up at the store. Sorry grandma, but the environment needs us.