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5 Easy Ways to Save the World

With Earth Day coming up this Saturday there’s going to be a lot of talk about the environment and, well, the way we as humans are essentially destroying it. These conversations can often be tense because while yes, we do love and care for the environment, not everyone is into reusable everything. But while we’re not all eco super heroes, we all have the potential to be their sidekicks, and today I have some easy ways to help you reach that potential.


1) Take advantage of Tupperware

When my sister and I first moved into our own place, one of the first gifts we were given was a sh*tload of Tupperware from a few generous family members. And while I used the occasional box for leftovers, I was much more apt to grab a plastic bag for whatever needed storing, including the sandwich and apple slices I put in my lunch every day. Now, call it divine intervention—or laziness—but when I ran out of plastic bags, instead of going to the store, I used a Tupperware to store the sandwich, and one for the apple slices. Call it a change of heart—or recurring laziness—but I’ve yet to go back. I’ve been using Tupperware for about 2 months now in place of plastic bags, and when you run the numbers that equates to over 100 plastic bags I haven’t put in the trash. This may not seem like a lot, but you figure if everyone in my office made the same switch, we would probably save upwards of 300 bags in that same time period, and if that habit spread outward to other offices, well, you get it.


2) Use Less Paper Towels

I’m a creature of habit, so when I use a public bathroom I will almost always grab three paper towels to dry my hands after washing. I don’t have a reason for landing on this number, I don’t have a compulsive need to maintain this number and I only recently noticed it was a consistency, so I figured it might be an easy thing to change. And while its only a small change (I take 2 now), again it all goes back to the if I do it and then someone else does it and then someone else and then someone else. Little tweaks to normal behavior can make a big difference.


3) Carry a Reusable Water BottleThis is a two-fer because it eliminates the use of plastic water bottles, and it helps you stay hydrated. Have you ever been at a party holding a water bottle, only to put it down, walk away and try to come back to it, only to realize that 20 other people have open water bottles, so instead of doing a DNA test on each and every one, you just decide to open a new one? Very anti-eco super hero move there, my friend. When you bring your own water bottle, like this giant I haul almost everywhere with me, you never have to worry about orphaning a water bottle again. And while sure, you might get the occasional mocking of your super cool, super giant and bulky hip hydration station, you can always hit them with this awesome come back, “Yeah, this bottle isn’t the most attractive thing around, but you know what is attractive? My unstoppable, indescribable, hardworking kidneys that reap the benefits*.”

*Note: This comment might provoke more mocking than aweing, thus, a third use for your reusable water bottle is a weapon to ward off haters. Just one swift swing to the stomach should get the point across.


4) Support the Superheroes

Like I said before, we’re not all cutout to be superheroes, but there are a handful that are. And it’s those people that are recycling and up-cycling and bicycling (probably) their hearts out. So when you see products made from recycled goods and it catches your eye, buy it! Help keep those superheroes in business! (Here’s a list of some cool places to check out!)


5) Carpool

I think we’ve all heard this one time and time again, but I figured I’d throw it on here anyways because I firmly believe it can save the world in more ways than one. First and foremost, carpooling obviously reduces carbon emissions. Second and (still kind of) foremost, carpooling cuts down the physical number of cars on the road, thus reducing traffic, thus reducing the number of people planning to murder other people. So buddy up and carpool, you just might save a life and the environment, and five minutes on the way to work.


Happy (almost) Earth Day everyone!

10 Ways to Save the Earth (feat. Frozen Yogurt)

Hey fellow Humans,

I’m here today to talk about our collective Madre:  Earth.

Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, on which we pay tribute to the big blue marble we call home. This may be a day when you do fun crafts in school or receive alarming threats from a passionate environmentalist outside a grocery store. It’s a day to breathe in the fresh air and say, “Hey planet, thanks for existing. PS- I promise I’ll do better at recycling.”

That being said I really do believe that it is in our power to help make the earth cleaner, better, and less likely to catch fire before the next Super Bowl. So, I’ve come up with 10 ideas as to how we can do that:

1) Attach two oxygen atoms to your feet the next time you go running, that way your carbon footprint becomes fresh air for trees. (Get it?! Carbon footprint + 2 oxygen atoms….carbon dioxide….I’ll see myself out.)

2) Stretch after you finish your lunch, that way you can carry your trash all the way over to the garbage can.

3) Turn off all the lights in your house immediately after the sun goes down and change into your night vision goggles. This will save electricity and make every evening task more exciting.

4) Arrange for you and your friends to carpool to get frozen yogurt. This will reduce fuel emission, and increase the satisfaction of your soul.

5) Turn down the water heater of everyone who has ever wronged you and leave a note that says, “Pass it on”. This will conserve energy and promote kindness among all those who looking to take non body numbing showers.

6) Add googly eyes to your blue recycling bin to make it look like Cookie Monster. This will not only be hilarious but will also encourage all children, teenagers, and adults under the influence of any amount of alcohol to recycle again and again.


(image source: College Humor)

7) Install solar panels on your alarm clock and leave it in a dark corner of your room. This will use absolutely zero energy and require you to never wake up for work.

8) Visit your nearest farmer’s market to buy local produce. This will reduce your carbon footprint and up your chances of meeting a hot farmer that you can carpool with to buy more frozen yogurt.

9) Try composting and don’t be too ashamed if it totally grosses you out. Simply tell everyone that you tried it once and it didn’t work out, but you found 9 other ways great ways to save the environment from this incredible blog post you read.

10) Eat less meat. This surprisingly saves a wide variety of different resources and can also give you an out from the mystery meat your grandma asked you to pick up at the store. Sorry grandma, but the environment needs us.