march and april favorites

March/April 2019 Favorites

Y’all, my senses are overwhelmed.

I’ve found so many good things lately!

So much so that I don’t even have time for one of these strange/slightly awkward/overall pointless introductions.

Although I guess I just did one.

Tricked you.



As you might suspect, My Dad Wrote a Porno is somewhat of a scandalous podcast, but it is absolutely hilarious. It follows a man—alongside his two friends—reading his dad’s erotic novel aloud. It is as funny as it is mortifying and the secondhand cringe is real, but if you are looking for something to listen to that will make you laugh out loud, I highly recommend this one. (find it here)

On an ENTIRELY different level. Homecoming is a fiction podcast that was recently made into a series on Amazon Prime. It follows the story of a woman who has lost her memory, but seems to have ties to a very private/sketchy organization known as “Homecoming”. I was hooked through both seasons and can’t wait for the next one. (find it here)



I could probably just list “Mitch Albom” as one of my favorites for the past few months because I’ve been reading his books like crazy, but The Next Person You Meet in Heaven was especially good because it continued on the story of The Five People You Meet in Heaven which I’ve loved for a long time. As with most of his books, it’s a quick but powerful read and I absolutely loved it. (find it here)

Salt to the Sea was the second book I read from Ruta Sepetys (the first being Between the Shades of Grey) and I was once again taken by her ability to make historical fiction so captivating, heartbreaking and moving. (find it here)



Set in the 1970’s, following the movement of Martin Luther King Jr., The Best of Enemies is such a good and important story to be told, and I’m so glad it is being told now, in a time when so many people are divided.

Breakthrough is an absolutely wild story of a boy who falls through an iced over lake and is pronounced dead, only to have him spontaneously generate a pulse after his mother arrives at the hospital and prays over him. It is true account of a real life miracle and it was absolutely moving. (find it in theaters now!)


TV Shows

Game of Thrones. OBVIOUSLY. (find it on HBO)

I feel like On My Block doesn’t get as much recognition as it should, but I’ve loved both of the first two seasons and hope it continues to generate attention and appreciation for the genuine, funny and real life stories it tells in every episode. (find it on Netflix)

Whether or not you know the story behind The Act, you need to watch it. (find it on Hulu)



As always, I’m just going to list what I’ve been listening to, but let the iTunes writers describe it to you because they have fun adjectives and big words.

Maren Morris, GIRL: “Her free spirited sophomore effort continues to push the limits of contemporary country-pop, infusing it with energy and texture from hip hop, R&B and psychedelic rock.”

Billie Eilish, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO: “a melancholy investigation of all the dark and mysterious places that linger in the back of our minds.”

Gone West, Tides-EP: This country band is still kind of under the radar so they don’t have a fancy write up on iTunes, but I genuinely love this EP and highly recommend it if you are looking for an easy listen.


Skin Food

My skin has been having a bit of a hissy fit lately and so I’ve gone into full mother-of-a-screaming-toddler-in-a-mall mode, desperately trying to find something, anything to calm it down. With some research, I came across these two products, both of which have very high reviews. As of today, I’m about a week into using both and I have definitely seen improvements. Both products promise the long lasting benefits, so it is still a wait and see type of game, but I do feel like a bit more of an adult having a more defined nightly skin routine. (find the Rosehip Oil here, and Keeva Organic Face Cream here)


Fig Jam

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 2.26.55 PM

To finish us off for today, I’d like to bring up one of the more obscure loves of my life: fig jam! This elusive little guy is hard to find, so hard that I only got my hands on two jars because my aunt snagged them for me at her local health food store. But trust me when I say that it is worth it because it is delicious. (my aunt found it at Sprouts 🙂


Have anything you’ve been loving over these last couple months? Let me know! My Amazon cart is always open…

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March/April 2018 Favorites

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…spring? Summer? Winter again? Honestly I have no idea with the highs and lows going on in Southern California right now. Last week my thermometer read both 49 and 96. This is why we Californians have trust issues, and why we never acclimate to anything. Anyways, let’s jump right into the favorites, shall we?


Getting Curious w/ Jonathan Van Ness


As if watching Queer Eye on Netflix wasn’t enough to make me fall in love with Jonathan Van Ness & Co. his podcast is equally as wonderful. Not only does it feature his trademark charm and sass, it covers genuinely interesting topics that I love hearing about and am quite honestly very curious about. For example, one episode talked all about bees. And while I’ve never considered myself to be much of a bee enthusiast, after listening I found myself completely fascinated by them and totally equipped to inform others of ways they can help save the dwindling population. (find it here)


beauty spray

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

I’ve never considered myself any sort of expert in the makeup/beauty world, but a couple months ago I signed up for Birchbox to add some new products in my life and have been loving it so far! In my first box, I received this detangling spray that you put in your hair before brushing when you get out of the show and WOW. It completely detangled my hair, it made it smell good, and it left it super smooth. I just recently ran out so I will definitely be ordering the full size version! (find it here)


Quinoa Fried Rice


As you may have read in my cooking series, Strain then Stir, I’ve been making a conscious effort to better my cooking skills over the last year. In doing so, I’ve forced myself to branch out and try things I’ve long convinced myself I don’t like, one example being quinoa. I have always assumed I wouldn’t like the texture of quinoa and would always hold a grudge against it because, well, it’s just not rice. But then I found this recipe and everything changed. Not only is it easy, but it’s absolutely delicious and healthy and OH MY GOSH I’M A COOK. (find recipe here) (image credit: Gimme Some Oven blog)



Caramel Cookie Fix

Speaking of delicious. I picked up a pint of this ice cream at Target while my sister and I were stress packing for Stagecoach last month and WOW. Just wow. I’m still proud of myself for not eating the entire pint in one sitting even though 1) I definitely could have and 2) it’s lower in calories thus lower in guilt. If you are in the market for a new ice cream flavor, this is the winner.



You’re Not that Great

I’m not going to lie, I initially only bought this book because it popped up in the sale section of the Kindle store. That being said however, since I finished it I’ve been recommending it to everyone and would gladly go back in time and pay full price for it. It’s such a new take on self-help books, essentially asking you to embrace all the reasons you suck. And as much as that sounds insulting, it’s actually strangely inspirational. I laughed through the entire book and could not recommend it more. (find it here)


The Office


After years of receiving the “what do you mean you HAVEN’T see The Office” looks, I decided it was about time I joined society, and let me tell you, I’M SO GLAD I DID! I totally get it now. Every look I’ve received in the past is totally validated because yes, my life was worse before I started watching this show and continues to get better as I make my way though it. (I’m currently on Season 5!) So thank you, judgy people, really, truly, thank you. (find it on Netflix)


Sons of Anarchy


On a completely different end of the Netflix spectrum, I’ve also gotten into Sons of Anarchy, making my brain a very chaotic place. Not to mention my heart is now torn between two incredibly different men in Jim Halpert and Jax Teller. I think if there is a human out there that is a combination of the two he might be my soulmate. So if you find him, let me know. (find it on Netflix)



A Quiet Place

If you are among the few that have heard all the hype about this movie but haven’t seen it, let me be the one to tell you that you need to go see it. I have never been a fan of horror movies, nor have I ever seen one in theaters, but the talk around this movie (and my new love for John Krasinski) convinced me to face my fears and I’m so glad I did! This movie is so fantastic and different than anything I’ve seen before. I felt every emotion on the spectrum and would easily say it is the best movie I’ve seen all year. Go see it! In theaters if you can. It adds to the whole experience.



Have anything you’ve been loving over these last couple months? Let me know! My Amazon cart is always open…

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March/April 2017 Favorites

It’s that time again folks! And since it’s that time, let’s not waste any more! Let’s just cut straight to the goods.

Here are a few of my favorite things from March & April:


The Serial Podcast


Part of my ongoing quest to run 1000 miles this year includes finding new and exciting things to listen to so I can stay motivated to keep running. And while I’m usually a strictly music type of person, this podcast HOOKED me. It investigates the 1999 murder of a girl in Baltimore and oh. my. gosh. good luck not thinking about it every second of the day. It came out about 3 years ago, so it’s possible I’m the last person to find it, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s damn good. (Find it here)


This is A Book by Demetri Martin & How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

I found Demetri Martin’s debut book while browsing through an actual, physical bookstore (because yes, they still exist and are still wonderful). And while his name alone would have sold me on the buy as he’s one of my favorite comedians, the title signed, sealed and delivered the sale with no questions asked. This is a Book made me laugh out loud and gave me all kinds of inspiration for comedic writing. (Find it here)

Speaking of inspiration, can we talk about Lilly Singh’s How to be a Bawse?! Never have I ever highlighted, underlined and post-it noted a book so much. If you’re someone looking to level up in any department of your life, I highly recommend this book. It gives you all the feels, especially the ones that make you feel like you can Kool-Aid man your way through any obstacle standing in your way. (Find it here)



Moana & Beauty & the Beast

I know I’m late to the Moana-is-absolutely-amazing party, but…better late than never, right? I got here eventually! And now that I’m here, I never want to leave! There are just so many good things to say about this movie (some of which I already said here) and I just can’t wait to watch it again, to be honest. (Find it here)

Same goes for Beauty & the Beast. That was one party I wasn’t late for. I saw it the weekend it came out and instantly fell in love with it. Emma Watson is incredible and the entire production is just beautiful. It left me with that “I wanna do something that amazing!” feeling in my stomach and goosebumps all down my arms. (Find it here)


÷ by Ed Sheeran & The Breaker by Little Big Town

I’ve had both of these albums on repeat for the last two months. And while I could describe them myself, I’m again going to turn it over to the lovely people at iTunes because they drop adjectives in reviews like I do parmesan cheese on pasta. Also, you gotta love a review that leaves you wondering what it even means.

÷ by Ed Sheeran: “a ruthlessly melodic run through a staggering array of styles” (Find it here)

The Breaker by Little Big Town: “the four piece’s most urbane, widescreen record [that] refuses to relinquish their down home charm.” (Find it here)




Piggy backing off those albums, I also subscribed to Spotify this month, which has proven to be worth the $8. Initially, my biggest draw to subscribe was finally getting to hear Chance the Rapper’s Grammy winning album, Coloring Book (which is great by the way), but I have also been pleasantly surprised with the wide variety of curated playlists available. A few of my favorites include: Lighten Up, Man! for when I’m at work, Totally Stress Free for when I’m writing, and Songs to Sing in the Shower for when I’m just in the mood to dance. (Find it here)


Halo Top Ice Cream


I actually saw this ice cream on an Instagram ad and made a mental note to try it if I ever found it in a store. It boasts a high protein, low sugar ice cream that is only about 300 calories per pint. And while I know this suggests it probably tastes like milky garbage, it actually doesn’t! I’ve tried the birthday cake and cookie dough flavors and they are both really good. (Especially the cookie dough!) So if you’re in the market for a new dessert, give it a try. (Find it here)


Have anything you’ve been loving over these last couple months? Let me know! My Amazon cart is always open…

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